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The goal of treatment is not to repress sexuality, but to develop the capacity for healthy sexuality.Each person works with his or her therapist to identify which behaviors are a problem and these behaviors need to stop for a consistent period of time to help a person go through withdrawal and re-set their brains, bodies and personalities to living without the drug-like high of sex addiction.When sexual addiction is referred to as an intimacy disorder, this means that a sex addict’s psychological pattern for healthy intimacy is disordered.“Intimacy” corresponds to the verb “to intimate,” which means to make known.Sexual addicts make sex a priority more important than family, friends, and work. They are willing to sacrifice what they cherish most in order to preserve and continue their unhealthy behavior.People act out their addiction in a wide variety of ways, including strip clubs, masturbation, hiring prostitutes, watching porn, and random sex partners. Ask yourself, “Am I repeatedly engaging in sexual behaviors that I cannot stop even though I want to stop, that leave me feeling shame and guilt, that involve living a double life with secrets and lies, that may lead to negative consequences?

Today, biological conditions have been discovered that are effective explanations for various behaviors that were considered unforgivable character flaws in the past — such is the case for many mental illnesses and diagnoses.

People who are either ADD or obsessive-compulsive are drawn to sexual addiction too. As sexual access becomes more available through the internet and social inhibitions fall away, greater numbers of women are admitting that they too are drawn to compulsive sex and are more willing to seek help now than before.

Addiction involves continuing a behavior a person wants to stop, but they feel unable to stop even when there are clear negative consequences to the actions taken. Many sex addicts first get into treatment after being discovered for an act of infidelity in a committed relationship.

Intimate knowledge in any relationship requires two key aspects: to be able to know oneself, and to be able to freely share and receive this knowledge.

All human beings share a basic need to connect through intimacy.

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The concentration camps make the actions of Ghengis Khan look like child's play. 65: "I don't like to implant in youth the Church's doctrine of a personal God, because that Church has behaved so inhumanely in the past 2000 years. Consider the hate the Church manifested against the Jews and then against the Muslims, the Crusades with their crimes, the burning stakes of the Inquisition, the tacit consent of Hitler's actions while the Jews and the Poles dug their own graves and were slaughtered. The truly religious man has no fear of life and no fear of death—and certainly no blind faith; his faith must be in his conscience. It would have been fine if the spirit of religion had guided the Church; instead, the Church determined the spirit of religion.

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